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The Hotel Standards Compendium

23 Feb The Hotel Standards Compendium

2014 is the Year of Hotel Standards

Coming on 1st March 2014 – the first ever book to lay down a definitive set of Hotel Standards for hoteliers launches across the globe with the publication of ‘The Hotel Standards Compendium’


The Hotel Standards Compendium – The first ever set of definitive hotel standards are launched by Matt Shiells-Jones, international hospitality blogger and advisor in his latest title to hit the shelves.  Never before has anyone put pen to paper to create a resource for hoteliers that lays down over 800 separate points to ensure the highest possible standards are achieved.  The book launches on 1st March 2014 through in hardback version and a paperback and e-book version will follow soon after.

Never before has such a task been undertaken – this is a title that aims to unify standards in hotels across the world; based on standards laid down by a variety of global tourism boards and accommodation inspection bodies, this title is not only comprehensive, but couples the standards with sensible advice, conversational tone and a dip-in and dip-out style that allows hoteliers to consume the entire title, or simply use it to refresh their current offering and find out how to achieve high standards that guests expect in today’s world.  Covering everything from bedrooms to bathrooms, hot tubs to swimming pools and car parks to cupboards, this title is a comprehensive must-have for any modern hotel.

Matt Shiells-Jones is a well-respected author of multiple trade articles, focusing mainly on guest experience and hospitality management, currently residing in Manchester, UK.  He blogs on his own site at and is a write of the book ‘How to be a Hotel Receptionist’ which is used as a training guide for front desk hotel staff across the world.  This title is based on his 20+ years experience in hotels, from carrying bags at the age of 12 to working in some of the busiest and most demanding hospitality environments in a range of roles.

Contact – If you would like to interview Matt Shiells-Jones or for any other information or materials please contact him via the contact form of this site.

The Hotel Standards Compendium by Matt Shiells-Jones is published on from 1st March 2014 as a hardcover publication at a cost of £79.99 (GBP), from where it will also expand to sale through a variety of channels.
E-Book and paperback versions will be available from approximately 14th March 2014.

Matt Shiells-Jones

Husband, Author, Hotel Manager and ambitious 'old cat lady'

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