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Hospitality Talk Episode 3 – This time it’s TripAdvisor!

So, I decided this time to take on TripAdvisor and reveal why SO MANY businesses use it incorrectly (and often have the wrong person doing responses!) - oh, and sorry guys - I do swear in the video once and was too shattered to reshoot...

Online Reviews – It’s not just about TripAdvisor!

Welcome back peeps!  It has been far far too long since I posted and I am sorry; life has gotten away with me and, to be honest, I haven't really had much inspiration!  But here I am, back once again! This time round I want to...

Handling TripAdvisor Blackmail Threats

It is beyond doubt that TripAdvisor is the behemoth of hotel and restaurant reviews, but how do you handle the few cases where people blackmail your business with a bad review? Let me just disclaim myself here - there are few people who will deliberately blackmail...

Dealing with complaints: The Social Complainer

Previously I have talked about the Silent and Professional complainers - now I move on to a growing complainer type, one that is becoming more and more 'powerful' against businesses - the Social Complainer. A Social Complainer is pretty much what it says on the tin...

TripAdvisor – hoteliers, it’s time to stop the excuses!

I know full well that as I type this, I am about to bring on the wrath of almost every hotelier out there, but I for one am sick to the back teeth of hearing hoteliers create excuse after excuse after elongated drawn out over-explained...

TripAdvisor’s TripBarometer is rather revealing…

Let's be honest with ourselves - online review sites are going to be here to stay, and businesses will never fully see eye to eye with the sites that offer them; after all, they tend to be a conduit for negativity a lot of the...

Is TripAdvisor failing hoteliers?

2013 brings a hopefully prosperous new year for all hoteliers, but also inevitably means yet further growth of TripAdvisor; but is this behemoth of online reviews actually doing hoteliers any favours - does it even care about them? As almost any hotelier who uses TripAdvisor will...

Handling Negative TripAdvisor reviews

So you put your heart and soul in to giving someone a nice stay, and then three days later their review comes in on TripAdvisor as one out of five, and a long list of complaints - what do you do? It is expected for every...