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How to de-motivate your staff

There are articles numbering the high thousands or even millions, that tell you how to motivate your staff.  So rather than write another one of those, I decided to tell everyone how to de-motivate their staff as this will really emphasise just how your every...

Discrimination – truth or perception?

I recently read about an incident at a restaurant that would normally be enough to make my blood boil, but then I heard the restaurant's defence, and it made me realise that in the current world, many things are thrown under the banner of 'discrimination'...

Augmented reality and hospitality… the next generation of hotels?

For anyone that knows me, I am a hospitality passionate geek who loves gadgets and fun new toys - particularly those that have an application within the hotel environment.  Having a usual muse around a variety of blogs today, I found a little post about...

The Service Recovery Paradox – can you avoid it?

Those of you who have done a hospitality degree of some kind, will know what this theory is; but does it really exist and can you stop this from occurring anyway? The theory of the service recovery paradox goes something like this: The guest who does...

Handling Negative TripAdvisor reviews

So you put your heart and soul in to giving someone a nice stay, and then three days later their review comes in on TripAdvisor as one out of five, and a long list of complaints - what do you do? It is expected for every...

Tripadvisor Management Responses – The Do’s & Don’ts!

Those of you familiar with TripAdvisor will be fully aware of the ability for hotels to write management responses to reviews, and just how those responses can be misinterpreted, or just downright rude and sarcastic. Take for example this review and response from the hotelier (titled...

The best welcome in the world?

There is one point with every hotel booking where you only get that one, singular, solitary defining moment that sets the pace for the entire stay at your hotel - the welcome.  But you would be surprised how many places actually get this wrong when...