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Dealing with complaints: The Compensatory Complainer

It is all too common to find certain complainers who immediately demand a refund, compensation or discounts; this is a compensatory complainer and they can be pretty much anyone that complains! ...

Dealing with complaints: The Assertive Complainer

Previously I have discussed many different complainer types, and in this penultimate post of the series, I want to talk about the type of complainer who will always want to get their own way - the Assertive Complainer. Many people will want to re-brand this complainer...

Dealing with complaints: The Empathetic Complainer

I have previously spoken about Silent, Professional, Social and Aggressive complainers, all types of complainer that can intertwine with each other to create a very 'difficult' situation.  Now I want to talk about the type of complainer who most assume to be the easiest to...

Dealing with complaints: The Aggressive Complainer

I have already talked about Silent, Professional and Social Complainers, and now I get in to the territory of every employees nightmare - the Aggressive Complainer. An Aggressive Complainer is not all fists and fights as you may think - they can also be 'Passive Aggressive'...

Dealing with complaints: The Social Complainer

Previously I have talked about the Silent and Professional complainers - now I move on to a growing complainer type, one that is becoming more and more 'powerful' against businesses - the Social Complainer. A Social Complainer is pretty much what it says on the tin...

Dealing with complaints: The Professional Complainer

In my last post of the series, I introduced you to a fairly business-damaging complainer - the Silent Complainer.  This time, I want to talk about a complainer who (for all appearances) can make your life very difficult (but can also be easier to deal...

Dealing with complaints: The Silent Complainer

This post is the first in a series that analyses the types of complainer that people are and how best to deal with them when faced with a complaint, either face to face or otherwise.  These complainer types are also dealt with in my book...

How to de-motivate your staff

There are articles numbering the high thousands or even millions, that tell you how to motivate your staff.  So rather than write another one of those, I decided to tell everyone how to de-motivate their staff as this will really emphasise just how your every...

TripAdvisor – hoteliers, it’s time to stop the excuses!

I know full well that as I type this, I am about to bring on the wrath of almost every hotelier out there, but I for one am sick to the back teeth of hearing hoteliers create excuse after excuse after elongated drawn out over-explained...

The legalities of hospitality

I have had a lot of queries in my past about what a hotel legally can and cannot do, and what is legal or not (including guests screaming at me quoting scripture and verse of bar-room lawyerism).  So I thought I would write a few...