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Customer grades – discrimination, elitism or common sense?

Today, I walked in to the Halifax branch I normally used, went to the counter to deposit cash, and was informed that my account did not allow cash deposits at the counter - I had to use the self-service machine.  I further enquired about what...

When morals met money…

Here I go again - this time I look at the morality of situations in hotels and have a look at how business and moral issues effect the guest experience, in particular, with overbooking!...

Hotel placebo’s and forgotten guests…

Something was mentioned today that made me wonder, and took me on an interesting thought process - does the placebo effect apply to hotels?   Most people may be familiar with the placebo effect, but for those that are not:   [quote]The placebo effect is the psychological term used...

Why refunds don’t work in service recovery

There are many things you can do when attempting to recover service and the practice of simply refunding a guest is commonplace; the situation gets instantly rectified, the guest has instant gratification and all is fine...

How Groupon etc changed consumer spending

I will no doubt not be the first to bring this up, nor will I be the last, but I think it is high time my opinion was added to the others that have gone before and will go after me. I know the title of...