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Handling TripAdvisor Blackmail Threats

It is beyond doubt that TripAdvisor is the behemoth of hotel and restaurant reviews, but how do you handle the few cases where people blackmail your business with a bad review? Let me just disclaim myself here - there are few people who will deliberately blackmail...

Dealing with complaints: The Compensatory Complainer

It is all too common to find certain complainers who immediately demand a refund, compensation or discounts; this is a compensatory complainer and they can be pretty much anyone that complains! ...

Dealing with complaints: The Assertive Complainer

Previously I have discussed many different complainer types, and in this penultimate post of the series, I want to talk about the type of complainer who will always want to get their own way - the Assertive Complainer. Many people will want to re-brand this complainer...

Dealing with complaints: The Empathetic Complainer

I have previously spoken about Silent, Professional, Social and Aggressive complainers, all types of complainer that can intertwine with each other to create a very 'difficult' situation.  Now I want to talk about the type of complainer who most assume to be the easiest to...

Dealing with complaints: The Aggressive Complainer

I have already talked about Silent, Professional and Social Complainers, and now I get in to the territory of every employees nightmare - the Aggressive Complainer. An Aggressive Complainer is not all fists and fights as you may think - they can also be 'Passive Aggressive'...

Dealing with complaints: The Social Complainer

Previously I have talked about the Silent and Professional complainers - now I move on to a growing complainer type, one that is becoming more and more 'powerful' against businesses - the Social Complainer. A Social Complainer is pretty much what it says on the tin...

Dealing with complaints: The Professional Complainer

In my last post of the series, I introduced you to a fairly business-damaging complainer - the Silent Complainer.  This time, I want to talk about a complainer who (for all appearances) can make your life very difficult (but can also be easier to deal...

Dealing with complaints: The Silent Complainer

This post is the first in a series that analyses the types of complainer that people are and how best to deal with them when faced with a complaint, either face to face or otherwise.  These complainer types are also dealt with in my book...

Dealing with Damage in Hotels

It is a fact of life that every hotel at some point has a room 'trashed'.  I am not talking about someone just accidentally smashing a glass, or leaving a stain on the bedsheets (I just heard you 'eewwww'!); I am talking about damage that...

The Compensation Culture | The Psychology behind the Demands

It is almost unreservedly blatant to every business that operates today, that we live in what can only be described as a 'Compensation Culture' - where every problem or issue can seemingly be resolved in the form of monetary compensation - but just why is...