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Hotel GB – #HotelGB left a sour taste!

02 Oct Hotel GB – #HotelGB left a sour taste!

So, last night we had the first episode if Hotel GB on Channel 4 (in the UK).  I am a member of many forums and sites and have spent today reading quite a few posts and views and reports and blogs about the program, so just before episode 2 goes on air, let me respond to a few of these:

Firstly, is the post on HotCatUK which I posted my views on before the episode aired.  There is a lovely guy on their called Crispin, and it appears that, on this occassion, we are on different teams when it comes to Hotel GB – like the battle between revenue and operations all over again!  This is my response to Crispin’s post – a lot of which said that youngsters were motivated by the celebs (or at least that is how it reads)

Okay, so upon watching the first travesty of an episode last night, I believe my initial comments to be pretty much correct I am afraid!

Crispin…motivated youngsters??? Sorry but Channel 4 did a VERY bad job of showing this! To echo comments from others that I have read (and by god have there been a lot of views on the programme, and to be honest Crispin, yours are the first I have seen that defend the programme or the celebs in it).

Take the classic examples displayed last night:
Girl says she doesn’t think she can face working reception. Mary Portas simply replies saying “well I need to know as we have guests arriving in 5 minutes” – hardly the support and motivation you would expect. Also hypocritical … Very! She and Gordon told a guy he looks unprofessional because he has a Care Bears watch on… Fair enough; but for Mary to then rock about with a ring the size of a small country on her finger…? Also she was nowhere to be seen when people complained… Not even in the background! Left two inexperienced, undertrained staff to deal with it (that is of course if you class having only 5 hours training on front of house as being undertrained?). She ranted about appearance and standards, and wore a black dress with detachable cuffs and colour, more fashion statement than professional, and in several shots the state of the cuffs left you wondering if Daz could really get those stains out!  Later in episode, states that it was a ‘really bad day’ and all she had done was train 3 people, one of whom walked out and she could not be arsed about!

Gordon Ramsay – well let me just say that if you are motivated by being denigrated, abused and embarrassed, then yeah, he is a fantastic motivator!  If I acted like this guy I would be lynch-mobbed and hauled out of the door quicker than you can say ‘service!’.  Someone dropped a tray of glasses – okay, it happens but there were some fundamental things that occurred that I really take offense to.  The young lad had firstly had no obvious training on how to carry a tray – it may seem like a skill you think everyone would have, but if you have never been shown how to carry a tray full of glassware and drinks (which is rather heavy by the way), then how are you going to know how to do it without trial and error and making mistakes.  When the guy dropped the glasses, the restaurant cheered – how many times does this happen.  So the lad took a self-mocking bow.  What happened next shocked me to the core – Gordon proceeded to denigrate him, and swear at him, less than 5 feet from guests, with no wall or similar to block sound (a.k.a the guests could probably hear him).  The lad was effectively lambasted for taking part in the revelry and acknowledging the applause in a fun way – demonstrating he was human.  But no, instead he should have been robotic, totally not acknowledged what he had done and not shown a bit of personality!  I personally would have applauded the lad myself and then helped him clear up the mess.  Gordon later swore gloriously at the other trainee chefs (who apparently were let loose in a commercial kitchen with only a day of training – hope that day included hygiene training, food handling, coshh and all the necessary legislative training; or did they just not mention that all of this stuff is required?) , and threw the food back at him.  This was after earlier telling him that the food on a mock run was better and denigrating him about the food being crap – really sorry that he has not had several years experience and full chef training, Mr Ramsay, but that is life – perhaps some more supportive feedback would be good as in helping him get it right instead of just having a pop for getting it wrong!

Kim Woodburn – the houskeeper who joins in with the party?  Fantastic motivator as everyone will just think that housekeepers get to join the guest parties – well the reality is that if you do, you will be marched out of the hotel by your GM.  Also clean rooms without the smell of costly chemicals – really?  Doubt it!

Gok Wan – bar manager but from a restaurant family – oh… so that explains why he stood at the end of the bar doing not a lot except tell everyone else how to do their job, because he was ‘managing’ it.  Where was him serving the drinks?  Telling a lad with a small tray to take an entire drinks order for a table of 8 with large martini cocktail glasses (i think) at the same time, with a 12 inch round tray – trust me goo, that just is not going to work!  He may be from a restaurant family, but I am from a military family, and believe me, a soldier I am not – just because your family do it, doesn’t mean you have the first idea on how to do it yourself.

Katie Piper – okay, didn’t know who she was – she actually is qualified as a beautician and is a good person to run the spa, so I relent that she is inspirational of triumph over adversity etc, but they did little to cover her background etc yesterday.



Next up was the excellent article from janie over at satellite dishes – an article I could have written myself (and pretty sure` I assisted with the big brother comparison lol!)


Basically – it was tosh, did nothing to help the industry or actually show it is a great industry to work in, nor did these industry gurus prove to be much more than big egos with a people problem and really dire skills in actually managing people through anything other than dictation, delegation and ignorance!


Anyhoo, off to watch the new episode now

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