Chocolate Pillow | Everyone’s a critic nowadays! So I wrote a book to help businesses understand why!
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Everyone’s a critic nowadays! So I wrote a book to help businesses understand why!

21 Nov Everyone’s a critic nowadays! So I wrote a book to help businesses understand why!

With over 90% of consumers claiming to use online reviews to make a purchasing decision, the world of online reviews is a behemoth that looms over many businesses, striking fear into the heart of many owners. In the hospitality sector, in particular, reviews can be extremely damaging and responding to them appropriately can determine the success of your business.

Keyboard Warriors, the new release by renowned Hospitality Blogger and Author Matt Shiells-Jones, journeys with businesses through the thinking behind writing, reading and responding to, reviews; equipping businesses of all kinds (emphasising hospitality trades) with the tools they need to manage their online presence and handle the emotions, drama and people that go along with the reviews that get written. It’s a book that would not be too far from a crime plot with psychological insights, twists of behaviour, blackmail threats, and even lemons! Yes, you read that right! This title is designed to help people understand the motivations of reviewers, deal with blackmail threats, write brilliant responses and most importantly, understand that it’s not always you, it can be me that’s the problem!

This title is the third hospitality book by Matt Shiells-Jones, who lives and works in Manchester, U.K. where he is a Hotel Manager by day and full-time carer for his husband (who lives with mental health issues) at all other times. The book is based on years of dealing with customer complaints, online reviews and responses that come from first-hand experience, both face-to-face and online. You name it, Matt has probably seen it! From Torquay to Blackpool to Manchester – his 25-year career in hotels has seen him work up from luggage porter to Rooms Division Manager, enduring all the strains of human behaviour that go with dealing with huge cross-sections of society every day.

The title is available on Amazon Kindle or via
Available by January 2019 for Paperback purchase in Amazon stores
ISBN: Paperback – 9780244735678 (ePub – 9780244735883)
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Matt Shiells-Jones

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