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Contact Me

Use the form below to get in touch with me, be it for an article suggestion, permission for usage of an article, or for anything else at all.

Spam Emails

And my rules

Wanting to add an article to my site?

What will I post?

Let me set the record entirely straight – I will not, nor will I allow anyone else to, post articles that are simply designed to increase another site’s traffic or are designed to give credence to a product or service I do not know or have never experienced.  So of those of you who want to contribute articles ‘that may be of interest to your readers’, which translates as ‘promotional articles for other products or blogs’, please don’t email.  I do not allow SEO-purpose posts on this site, end of.

Had a spam email?

Supposedly from this site?

Firstly, I am sorry that this has happened – the domain ‘chocolatepillow’ receives hundreds of not thousands of spam emails every day, so believe me when I say I know how annoying this is!  There are many different techniques and security measures in place that are used by this site to prevent hacking, spam and various other techniques, but they are not foolproof.  Installed on the site are several systems designed to block and then permanently ban people attempting to hack or circumvent security measures; plus we have very strong (and complicated) passwords for all systems with not only security on the site installation but also the back end and then furthermore by the administrator of our server too – this gives at least 3 separate levels of security designed to stop repeated attacks, blacklist people’s IP addresses and prevent automated systems from being able to continuously attack us.

But these are not infallible.

There is a process known as ’email spoofing’ whereby someone uses a false ‘from’ address in their emails.  For example, sending an email from one email address, but saying it was sent from a different email address.  On a very basic level, this is done one by one by people emailing – for example, I can send an email from my email address, but say it came from someone else’s email address and set my email so that any replies do not come to me, instead go to the fake email address I created. 

This is what we have noticed recently – people sending spam emails and using the domain as the email address.  Quite simply, this is abhorrent and is false – we do not spam! Nor do we endorse online pharmacies, gambling sites, or anything similar.

Usually email spoofing relies on getting email addresses from someone’s hacked account address book, and using those email addresses to spoof.  Unfortunately for me, the web-bots and software that are sending these spam emails have been programmed with just the domain name ‘’ and create a random email address at this domain.  This makes it almost impossible for anyone to detect true spam.  Quite simply if you receive an email from, then it will be from me or an obvious system email – there are only around 5 email addresses actively used by this site!

Read more on email spoofing here:

We do what we can to prevent this, but it is practically impossible to stop someone using any email address they want as the ‘from’ or ‘reply-to’ email address.  We are working with our host to clean this up and prevent this, but current technology does not allow for this to be prevented (I know… all these developments in technology and there is seemingly no sure-fire way of checking an email is from who it says it’s from!) – I am implementing what I can in the time being to try and eliminate this.

If you do get genuine spam directly from me, please let me know and accept my apologies, otherwise simply delete and ignore!  My emails will generally always be about hotels and hospitality!