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September 2012

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Budget vs Reality – The Great Expanse!

Every hotel has to pinch every penny and save as much as possible, but how is this affecting the actual core of your business?  How many pen-pushers have sliced a few zero's off a budget without caring for the actual people it affects or the...

Sales and Revenue vs. Operations – The ongoing battle!

So, in my last post I talked about overbooking, and in a few previous rants I have touched on the difference between operations and revenue teams in hotels. I have decided to consolidate my arguments for this in to one single post to hopefully get...

Breakfast, Hospitality and the Sales Department

What better way to jumpstart momentum at your hotel than to enjoy a cup of coffee and great conversation with your current guests? They are your best resources for discovering local businesses, special events and other key contacts that can actually generate a lot of...

Why overbooking should be cancelled!

Overbooking is a fact of life in hotels, and whether you love or hate it there is a very important question that in 18 years of hospitality, I have never had asked of me nor ever asked of anyone else I work with...

Welcome to our new contributor – Rebekah J Fishel

Today I get to introduce you to the first new contributor to the Chocolate Pillow site - Rebekah J Fishel. Rebekah is a hospitality success story, and a passionate individual with a true understanding of the 'nuts and bolts' of the industry. She took some...

The golden rules of enquiry handling

I have had cause recently to contact several companies over a variety of things, and the responses I received nearly rendered me speechless.  This was not because they had provided an exceptional response, but because they had broken some of the fundamental rules of enquiry...

A Glass of Champagne – freebie or Investment?

Lovingly allowed to re-produce from - this article talks about the ins and outs of providing freebies to guests in restaurants, specifically on arrival - the philosophy can be expanded to any service industry in the world and this entry is just a fantastic...

The impact of poor revenue management (Part 2 – Selling rates)

So last time, I talked about special offers and how, when managed poorly, they can have a severely detrimental impact on your business, staff and guests; this time I want to talk some more on the subject of revenue management and how management of the...