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August 2012

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Dealing with deaths in a hotel

One thing that no-one admits to you when you go into the hotel trade is that people die, and they may well die on your shift or in your premises. And when this does happen, no-one ever tells you what to do, shock generally takes...

Charging for extras in hotels, right or wrong?

On a recent edition of the Hotel Inspector (UK - channel 5), hospitality businesswoman and member of the Charles Forte hotel dynasty Alex Polizzi, quite blatantly advised a hotelier to start charging for extras and stop giving them away for free. Now you may be...

The importance of understanding your staff

There is no shortage of articles about management, and definitely no shortage of advice on how to be the 'perfect' manager; I do not proclaim to be the perfect manager, nor am I the strongest manager out there. I have my flaws, shy away from...

TripAdvisor – The Hotelier and User’s Best Enemy?

Hello again all, So I have covered Groupon before, but there is an even bigger monster that almost every hotelier or restaurateur in the world has had lurk over their shoulder at some point or another; the beast known as TripAdvisor. I previously looked at how Groupon...

How a hotel should use Groupon effectively

So, my last post about changes in consumer behaviour due to sites such as Groupon provoked a fair amount of debate, and indeed in that post I dared to infer the hotel is to blame if a deal does not work. Hotels agreed with me, people...

How Groupon etc changed consumer spending

I will no doubt not be the first to bring this up, nor will I be the last, but I think it is high time my opinion was added to the others that have gone before and will go after me. I know the title of...

How SPAM is consuming Social Networking

Okay, so this is not on a par with previous posts and is more of a personal rant (if you wish to classify it as a rant?), but is something that I think needs to be discussed, at least to some extent. I am a member...

The danger of low room rates

It is an age of austerity and hoteliers will be the first to admit that times are hard. Competition has changed within the industry; where once people looked for the best quality experience and best value for money, consumerism and the appearance of daily deal...

How to complain, part 2

Okay, so last week I talked about when to complain, and who to complain to. This week I want to talk about how to actually phrase your complaint face to face, and how to ensure you receive the best results for yourself. I know that when...